Since I was a wee lad, I’ve loathed being indoors and loved being outside. I was out camping in the woods with my family before I could walk, then when I was 10 months old, I began to run and have never stopped. The hiking continued through the Boy Scouts and then after I got my driver’s license, I’d go with friends or by myself to the trails.

I got a brief introduction to climbing from my cousin, Dave Altman in Yosemite. He took my friend, Danny Romero and I up a few short and easy routes, whose names escape me now. During my senior year of high school, I lived by myself in Clearlake California and would hitchhike to Mt. Saint Helena by myself to climb to the summit and camp. But, my main sport was track and cross country and I focused on those until I went into the Navy.

While in the Navy, I would continue to go camping and hiking, often in Eastern Southern California on the weekends.

On my 60th birthday, I decided to go climbing, signing up for a gym membership and a intro lesson. As of 5/16, it’s been almost 6 months since I began climbing with my son in-law, Rick Smith. We can now do most of the 5.10B’s and have begun trying the 5.10C’s and 5.11A’s. Throwing in some bouldering, we are enjoying our transition to outdoor climbing. I hope to spend the majority of climbing outdoors by this summer.



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